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Mark Greif at the RSA

featured resource: mark greif: against everything.

This book is a wonderful collection of essays on American life.  He takes contemporary phenomenon such as exercise, gut-level legislation and rap and invites us to look at them in very different ways. Not an easy read – but thought-provoking. You can read the opening essay Against Exercise via look inside at Amazon. You can also listen to a talk he gave recently at the RSA on living in dishonest times

testing new formats

We are looking at new download formats for materials and slides for use on mobile phones - and need your help. At the moment we offer kindle and epub for a lot of the materials - but they can be a bit fiddly to get on to your phone. As a result we are looking at screen size pdfs. They seem to work well for PowerPoint slides - but are more fiddly for study guides etc. What do you think? Take a look at a couple of examples on our test page.

accessing ebooks and ejournals

The University library gives you access to a large number of journals and thousands of ebooks. Click for a short guide to searching and downloading them.

the new social pedagogy standards

Click to download the new standards from the Social Pedagogy Professional Association. We will feature more on the association early in the new year.