Library rules and regulations and Copyright

The Mary Crosby Library at the YMCA George Williams College is a rich resource, holding a nationally renowned collection of books and other materials connected with youth and community work and informal education. These regulations are designed to ensure all users have fair and helpful access to the materials available and that the materials are safeguarded for future users.

Using the library is conditional on observance of rules and regulations. Anyone failing to do so may be excluded from the library.

• The library is for quiet study. Library staff have the right to ask people to leave the library if their behaviour demonstrates a lack of respect for the needs of other users.

• Membership is open to all current full time/part time staff and fully enrolled students of the College. Members of other groups may also apply for membership. Members of the public and outside readers may use the library for reference at the discretion of the library staff.

• To borrow items users must register every academic year until they complete their course.

• All students will be issued with a library card subject to providing £50 cash deposit. The deposit will be returned to the student at the end of their studies, once all outstanding items have been returned. Failure to return outstanding items will result in students losing their deposit.

• If either library or registration cards are lost, there will be a £5.00 replacement charge.

• All library materials must be returned to the library once a user ceases to be a member of the College.

• Food and drink are not permitted in the library.

• Mobile phones are to be turned off or to silent in the library.

• Any signs or notices placed in the library must be adhered to.

• Bags and files may be brought into the library but remain the responsibility of the owner. Library staff reserve the right to ask permission to search bags or ask users to show loans.

• The library reserves the right to close at times other than those published.

Library Loans
Any items taken out of the library are to be recorded for loan at the issue desk. It is a serious matter to take out any materials from the library other than by the above procedure, and may be considered as gross misconduct.
Users are issued with a library card, which they must show every time they wish to borrow an item.
Users are responsible for the items borrowed on their ticket.
Users must return or renew all items promptly. Users are reminded that keeping an item longer than the return date is impinging on the rights of other users.
If any library item on loan to a user is lost or damaged, the user will be held responsible for the replacement cost.
Certain types of materials such as reference items, theses dissertations, newspapers and journals are not for loan and must not be removed from the library.

Copying / Copyright
The self-service copiers, printers and scanners are provided for use by staff and students. Nothing which infringes copyright law is permitted.
All users of electronic copying are personally responsible for complying with the copyright regulations. The same applies to outside loans such as inter-library loans. Please read the copyright notices placed near photocopiers, scanners and computers.

Full details are available from the Copyright licence agency :

IT/Computers – using electronic equipment in the library
The Library takes no responsibility for the accidental loss of work, while using the library equipment.
The use of computing facilities to transmit, access, create or store offensive or obscene material is not permitted. Users should read the College’s Internet policy beside each computer.
No attempt to connect or dismantle hardware or software from the computers should be made.
Users must not occupy a workstation longer than necessary when someone else is waiting. If a workstation is left unattended for longer than 15 minutes, belongings on that workstation can be removed.

Internet policy
The College provides Internet access for the use of its staff and students. The Internet offers an unsurpassed collection of materials from millions of sources across the globe. These files provide access to information and ideas which often are not otherwise available and potentially provide an excellent research base. However, users should note the following:

Acceptable Use
Students may book to use the internet for any legal activity that is in furtherance of their studies within the aims and policies of the YMCA George Williams College and complies with the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as displayed on the following website:
Students may book to use the internet and email for personal purposes as long as they abide by the AUP and do not abuse this facility. If a problem occurs due to excessive, improper or unreasonable use, which cannot be resolved through negotiation, this privilege may be withdrawn.

Unacceptable Use
Students may not use the internet for:
• The creation or transmission (other than for properly supervised and lawful research purposes) of any offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material.
• The creation or transmission of material which is designed or reasonably considered likely to cause needless annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.
• The creation or transmission of defamatory material.
• Any activities which infringe copyright laws or plagiarise materials.
• Accessing other computers or networks illegally or without permission.
This policy is designed to offer safe and equitable access to the Internet. Accordingly, the YMCA George Williams College takes seriously any breaches of the AUP. Any infringement will be investigated by the Principal and appropriate action will be taken. The misuse of computer resources may lead to disciplinary procedures.
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