Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Printing and Photocopying

Black and white printing and photocopying costs 5p per A4 sheet and 10p per A3 sheet. To photocopying and print you’ll need to purchase a Copy Card from the Library office. A Copy Card consisting of either 20 credits (copies) and costs £1, or 100 credits for £5.

The Library has a laser multifunction photocopier which produces black and white A4 and A3 photocopies and a networked printer which prints in black and white. Both photocopying and printing facilities are operated by inserting Copy Cards into the adjacent card reader terminals. Click here for instructions on how to print in the Library.

Currently there are no facilities to print directly via laptop or netbook computers within the College. But you can save documents to a USB memory stick or upload them as an email attachment and transfer them to a networked Library desktop computer to print.

Colour Printing

An A4 colour printer is also available in the Library office. Colour printing costs £25p per A4 sheet.


The Library has two different scanners available for use by students. The Library’s main scanner, a Plustek OpticBook 3600 is linked to the Computer Number 5. It can be used to scan books, documents, images, etc into different formats such as text documents or image files. For instructions on how to use the Plustek OpticBook 3600 scanner click here.

The Library’s second scanner, the ReadEasy is an Assistive Technology item found in Study Carrel 3. The ReadEasy is a combined desktop computer and scanning device for the visually impaired, designed primarily as a text to speech reading machine. The ReadEasy reads aloud anything printed by simply placing it onto its scanner and pressing the scan button on the attached keypad. It can also be used to scan and convert books and document into plain text or MP3 audio files, which can be saved onto a USB memory stick (or an MP3 player).

Please refer to the Library Rules and Regulations for information and guidance about scanning, copying and copyright.

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